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Now it’s time to learn a few more EPs.  The eventual goal is to know full (nonparity) EP, but it takes a while.  I’m going to teach you a few algs at a time, from most common to least common.  This stage there are 6.

Opp/Adj EP
This alg swaps UF and UB, and DR and DB.  Hold the puzzle like shown and do 1,0/0,-1/0,-3/-1,0/6,0/1,0/0,3/0,1/

Next to learn are the U perms.
CCW Uperm
Counter Clockwise U-Perm:  Hold it like so (solved side on front, opposite edge on left) and do 1,0/0,-3/-1,0/3,0/1,0/0,3/-1,0/-3,0/

CW Uperm
Clockwise U-perm is similar.  Hold it like this and do /3,0/1,0/0,-3/-1,0/-3,0/1,0/0,3/.  Notice that both U-perm algorithms consist of the same two conjugates.  Both times, the D move is -3 the first time and 3 the second time.

This EP is called O/Opposite.  The O perm can go in either direction, but the solution is basically the same.  The alg is nice and intuitive.  Remember M2?  Do M2 U M2 U M2.  That will solve the case pictured above.  If you want an actual alg, it’s 1,0/-1,-1/3,0/1,1/3,0/-1,-1/.  The clockwise version is done the same but with (-3,0)s instead (U’s instead of Us)

H perm:  This alg is exactly like the 3×3 alg.  Do M2 U M2 U2 M2 U M2, or 1,0/-1,-1/3,0/1,1/6,0/-1,-1/3,0/1,1/

Z perm:  This alg is the same as the Z perm on a Void Cube, but it messes up centers on a regular 3×3.  Do  M2 U M2 U’ M2, or 1,0/-1,-1/3,0/1,1/-3,0/-1,-1/

Continue to use multiple algorithms to solve each EP if necessary, but throw these ones in to turn some 3 alg cases into 2 alg cases (and obviously solve all these cases in 1)