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First of all, I’m going to teach you a few new cubeshapes.  In stage 1, I taught you how to do a few of the easiest cubeshapes.  Now you’re going to learn a few more easy ones.
Shield/Square: do/3,0/1,0/6,0 to generate this shape.  To solve, hold it like this and slice to get fist/fist.  Remember that the mirror solves the same way.
Muffin/Square: Do /3,0/1,3/6,0.  Hold like pictured and slice to get fist/fist.  The trick is to make sure that the flat side of the muffin is not aligned with a flat side of the square.
Scallop/Kite:  do 1,1/-3,0/-1,-2/ to generate.  It’s symmetric, so split it down the middle You’ll end up with fist/fist. You should remember this one from the long group corners cases you learned before.